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Change Log -> Currently on 2.70 11/28/2017

Postby LoneNurgling » Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:03 pm

--= 2.70 -+=+- 11/28/17=--
Server End
-Added support for many more DM commands
-Added back-end server support for more databases and back end client stability.

Known Issues:
-Certain races can not be raised by scrolls, script needs update.
-Certain items fail to change appearance, reason unknown.
-Some Textures and models are missing in action.

-Feat added to all players that allows them to recall to the OOC starting area, this is to use before logging out or if you are in a area that transition does not function yet. (its currently should as a invalid stref and may show as a bard ability, only accessible through the character feat menu, can be dragged to the ability bar as well). -Thanks to Clang.
-Added new monster types
-Refurbished existing monsters to be hunt-able as well. (not all yet, but everything that is not wearing armor or clothing will be hunt-able soon)
-Hunting knife exist, but any Dagger type weapon can now be used for skinning & hunting creatures.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed majority of missing textures and models
-Fixed refrenced IDs for animal companions and wizard/sorcerer familiars from 2.64
-Fixed Long pause for clients connecting due to slow script optimization

--= 2.64 -+=+- 10/26/16 =--
Known Issues:
-Certain races can not be raised by scrolls, script needs update.
-Certain items fail to change appearance, reason unknown.
-Some Textures and models are missing in action.

-Added 3 new fire ant types, Giant Spitter Fire Ant, Giant Elder Spitter Fire Ant, Giant Elder Fire Warrior Ant.

Current Areas
-Firedrake Ant Tunnels, Added new fire ant types to spawn.
-Firedrake Cave, Added Doors to certain tile set parts, hopefully they work right. Adjusted Drow-Spider spawn encounter so they no longer combat another.
-Haunted Temple, Removed floating paintings.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed Bugged Texture for cave floors.
-Fixed interior doors showing up as mushrooms and other various objects.
-Added missing models and textures for various things.
-Giant scorpian's portrait picture is no longer a boar.

This change log is "was" a work in progress and will be released pending update of game server. How ever with that being said, everything listed here is set in stone, only more will be added here.

---Area Changes---
-Firedrake areas: All the firedrake areas have been renamed to the Greenshores to better match geography of the server lore.
-Brastlewark: Updated lighting in area, added a storage bank teller and auction house teller.
-Forest of Tethyr, Old Ruins: Thieves and bandits replace with Kenku.
-Karlagger Sewers: Redrew the area transitions to the surface.
-Kirgard: Added a merchant, a pack horse/mule vendor, a auctioneer and storage teller.
-Market-Garden District (Zazesspur), Various interiors have been added, new merchants added in the market. Pack horse/mule vendor added. Parts of area reworked to include new things.
-Port Kir: Added a pack horse/mule vendor, a auctioneer and storage teller.
-Temple of Waukeen (Sub area of the Market-Garden District): Added a temple cleric.
-Starspire Foot Hills: Added Auctioneer and kemo storage npcs at battles' End.

---Class Changes---
-Assassin: Assassin's can now use kamas on level 1.(description in tlk needs to be updated)
-Druid: Druids can now use a handaxe as if it was a natural weapon, they also gain raise dead at level 6.(description in tlk needs to be updated)
-Monk: Wholeness of Body has been changed. It now heals the monk with his/her Wisdom modifier times his/her character level.(description in tlk needs to be updated, by Cirerrek)
-Ranger: At level 2 they now have access Endure Elements. (description in tlk needs to be updated)
-Wizard & Sorc: Vanilla familiars now gain spells when they gain spell resistance (they are minor spells).
-Wizard & Sorc: 3 New Familiar Types to choose from now, Pseudodragon, skeleton, Intelligent Sword. (by Sabranic, Clangeddin86 & Tchos)

---New Areas---
GENERAL: many other areas that are to minor to mention or are not available to explorers yet.
-Ancient Elven tomb (Hidden in the Wealdath): Explore to find out.
-Corrupt Labs (7 area dungeon, to be expanded upon further later)
-Shadowthieves Guild Hall (sub area of Port Kir): added for testing, created by Sabranic.
-The Complaining Scroll (Sub area of the Market-Garden District): Magic shop.
-The Flint-fire Forge (Sub area of the Market-Garden District):Known for its vast stores of weapons and armors.
-The Temple of Torm's Coming (Sub area of the Market-Garden District).

---DM & Builder Ease of use changes---
-Majority of monsters have been reviewed and have their CR posted in their name for DMS to see before spawning.

---Server Wide Changes---
-Spellcasting chants from Baldur's Gate, they replace the current ones (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-New sounds for bows and crossbows (thanks to blizzard)
-All medium or smaller sized creatures will explode if they take damage that makes their hits points exceed negative -50. (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Added new music from a few sources(Thanks to Duck and Tron).
-Raise Dead Scrolls reduced in price by 500gp
-All merchants on the server have been reviewed and the majority of +2 gear and up has been removed. In addition mage shops should not have divine spells now. Basic crafting items added to many merchants.
-Creature rework, In addition to adding some new monsters yet to be seen, The creatures have been re-balanced, and overall should see a slight increase in difficulty (not for CR2 and under).
In addition to this, many creatures have been equipped with slightly better gear to make more unique battle situations.
-Pack Horses (or Mules) have been added, and can purchased in various areas, 1 per party, its shared.
-Removal of Charlies item appearance changer. (saved some space)
-Addition of XP_CRAFT and Elechos Aesthetic Crafting. New appearance changer, needs to be worked out.
-Huntable animals now take 2 minutes to disappear(up from 40 seconds).
-EXP CHANGES: Pre-2.65 gave you 100exp base per 1 CR above your level. This is now 200 (EXP BOOST)
-EXP CHANGES: Party bonus exp based on CR boosted to 25 (from 15)
-Lots of new creatures added (to many to list, and forget to write down the whole list)
-Kemo's Custom Animations have been added (most adult themed, can be used via pc tools)
-A simple UI change to permit longer character names and Biographies, it also blanks the default profile. (BY ChiRho84)

---Spell Changes---
-GENERAL: Many buffs have had their duration increased.
-Bark-skin: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Battletide: No longer gives haste, new visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Bless: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Divine Power: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Gate: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Greater Stone-Skin: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Hammer of the Gods: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Mage Armor: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Magic Vestment: If a shield is equiped on the creature this is casted upon, the shield will receive the bonus.
-Meteor Swarm: New visual effects, 4 meteors are summoned targeting 4 creatures (if there are less targets the meteors are assigned while cycling through the creatures in HD order. If there are no creatures, random location are targeted). Each meteor does 2d6 physical damage if it successfully hits. Additionally it exlodes dealing 6d6 fire damage to all creatures in a vast radius. Reflex save halves the fire damage, but if a creature gets successfully hit directly, there is no save. If a creature gets hit by more than one such fireball, the damage stacks. (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Mirror Image: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Power Word, Kill: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Prayer: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Righteous Might: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Shield of Faith: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Spider-Skin: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Stone-skin: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Sunbeam: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Sunburst: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Wail Of Banshee: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Weird: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Word of Faith: New visual effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)

---Bug Fixes---
-Added a animation for cleave, this was borked and left out, jestemwlodzimierz found a fix.
-Fixed fire elemental model, so it shows threw its effects (by jestemwlodzimierz)
-Fixed blacksmith animations (needs to be tested on live server)
-Haunted Temple, floating painting bug, spawns are now spawning.
-Market Garden Sewers, Floating chest near koa-tua, increase spawn times
-Giant Scorpion's portrait is no longer a boar.
-Fixed numerous texture and model errors (this was a beast of a effort).
-Fixed transitions in all areas to my knowledge (keep an eye out for this one).

--= 2.64 -+=+- 10/26/16 =--
Known Issues:
-Certain races can not be raised by scrolls, script needs update.
-Certain items fail to change appearance, reason unknown.
-Some Textures and models are missing in action.

-Added 3 new fire ant types, Giant Spitter Fire Ant, Giant Elder Spitter Fire Ant, Giant Elder Fire Warrior Ant.

Current Areas
-Firedrake Ant Tunnels, Added new fire ant types to spawn.
-Firedrake Cave, Added Doors to certain tile set parts, hopefully they work right. Adjusted Drow-Spider spawn encounter so they no longer combat another.
-Haunted Temple, Removed floating paintings.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed Bugged Texture for cave floors.
-Fixed interior doors showing up as mushrooms and other various objects.
-Added missing models and textures for various things.
-Giant scorpian's portrait picture is no longer a boar.

--= 2.63 -+=+- 10/19/16 =--
Known Issues:
-Certain races can not be raised by scrolls, script needs update.
-Certain items fail to change appearance, reason unknown.
-Some Textures and models are missing in action.

For Builders
-Updated undead, gnoll, goblin, orc, kobold, bugbear encounters

-Added Story Teller's Creatures for variety, thanks Story Teller! Added the follow varieties: bugbears, goblins, gnolls, orcs, kobolds, undead, ogres, trolls. I have spread them out in a decent amount of areas, and working on replacing all with more of these for a variety of this.
-Hostile Dryad/Pixie now will have the Corrupted Tittle. (aka Corrupted Dryad, or Corrupted Pixie), Increased Dryad AC by 2.
-Changed the apperance of the Aranea.
-Added Tainted, Corrupted, Blighted, and Defiled Treants, they have been spread through out the Wealdath, beware.
-Added some variety to randomly spawn creatures.
-Sewer Shark has been nerfed.

New Areas
-Flooded Marsh Caverns, Larger flooded carverness area in the Starspire Marsh, it connects many areas and behold a variety of challenges.

Current Areas
-Firedrake Plains, Updated Spawns for both of the plains areas south of Port Kir
-Hollow Den, Added variety of goblins and bugbears to the current encounter line up.
-Marsh Caverns: Added more lights to a few areas, fixed glitchy water, added door to Flooded Marsh Caverns. Added a few more kobolds to encounter.
-Starspire Marsh 3, Changed Music of area, change environmental effect sounds.
-Starspire Marsh 2, Adjusted environmental sounds, adjusted terrain, replaced tower and rebaked area. You can now enter the Marsh Tower
-Starspire Marsh Den, Redid this whole area, it is now a kobold hide out.
-Starspire Mountains, Redid the encounters in this area to add more variety.
-The Admired Pony Super Market, Added shop keeper, he one of the highest spending merchants in the module (hint hint).
-The Wealdath, Adjusted encounters and added new encounter types in various areas.
-Zazesspur Graveyard, Adjusted Spawns, added 2 militia near entrance.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed Bugged Cave and other various areas
-Fixed the Bugged GUI UI, it has been updated and you can now see everything as intended.
-Replaced the Teleport to party leader script (thanks to Clang).
-Golden Steer Inn, Waitress conversation switched to nwn1 style dialogue.
-Port Kir, Tanning Stands are now useable.
-The Wealdath (logging camp exterior), transition to forest of tethyr now works
-House of the Steadfast, Cleric of helm no longer heals you on conversation start.
-House of Tears, Cleric of Ilmatar no longer heals you on conversation start.
-Firedrake Badlands, when you transition into the area you are now facing the correct direction
-Fixed a certain henchman being immortal (if you didn't know now you never will!)

--= 2.62 -+=+- 9/18/16 =--

Known Issues:
-Certain races can not be raised by scrolls, script needs update.
-Certain items fail to change appearance, reason unknown.
-Some Textures and models are missing in action.

Actual changes:

For Builders
+Tile-set updates added new visuals to their areas.
+Added Holgadard's Icons
+Added Monks Gear (by Yaddaman)
+Added NWN Golems for NWN2, Bone golem, Adamantine golem, Mithral golem (by 4760)
+Added Purgatorio Vrock (By Kamal)
+Added Hook Horror / Vrock (by 4760)
+Added Plant Pack (By rjshae)
+Added walkable ships (Heeds walk able ships, thanks Heed)
+Added Naisou Volume 1: Japanese House Placeables v1.0 (By Kurogo)
+Added Faerun Stained Glass (by Arpharazon)
+Added Hobbit House (by Kanis)
+Added NWN Statues (by rjshae)
+Added the Dark Armory
+Added Kaioh's Armor from Ken's Rage (By NicotineCaffeine)
=Sorted out all new placeables into standard nwn2 categories for ease of building. Got rid of unused props as well which saves space for everyone.

Work in Progress! All this new stuff needs testing as it has never been tested!

+Testing of our new faction system. This is big for our server, and allows for all kinds of new opportunities. Players can now attack anyone in the world but their reputation will be at stake, attacking guards for example will probably be the last thing your character does. For right now we have added a handful of factions for testing. Drow, Neutral, Zazesspur (all human guards fall under this for now until we separate them for each settlement), Animals -Prey, Animals Predators.

+You know have the option to spawn of your party leader from the world gate. This needs to be tested.

+Clang Made adjustments to the our UI, They will make the party bar look a lot tidier and the name display on target and party will allow for larger names

+Overhaul of harvesting/hunting skills.
Hunting: skinning a corpse now harvests uncured leather hides of 4 sizes, they can be cured at tanning booths found in crafting areas and near tanners. Tanners will also turn the uncured hides into cured leather hides for you if you don't not have the appropriate craft armor skill level, but they will charge you (and you loose out on a small exp bonus for doing it your self). In addition uncured leather hide drops, skinned creatures will also drop their distillable items, which can be used for base crafting from the the original campaigns. There is also new distillables which you will have to figure out how to use your self.
Harvesting: Originally this was confined to plants, and it would use one skill to make you a item based off the plant, eventually it was broken on a update. I've replaced this whole system with i thought to be a more in-depth process. If you come across a plant (or tree), you will now use one of three skills of your choice to attempt to harvest something from the plant. The skills tend tend to be survival, craft alchemy, lore (DC vary for each skill depending on what your harvesting). Although those 3 skills can vary, and feats can influences the DC rolls of a successful harvest as well. For instance, harvesting nightshade uses the 3 skills i mentioned, how ever if you fail the DC you will have to make a save against being poisoned since it is a poisonous plant you are trying to harvest (if you have the use poison feat, you can use it in conjunction with your skill, and it will lower the DC to harvest the material, and void you from being poisoned period). Successful harvest will give you a corresponding crafting component or item, and a small exp gift.
Mining stone, metal ingots, and gems: This functions in a very similar way to harvesting plants except the skills bases are craft weapon/armor (not combined), lore, survival. The DC for lore and survival will be significantly higher. After harvesting ingots you will bring them to a foundry in a similar manner in bringing hides to a tanner, besides that fact your turning the ingots into ore which can be used for crafting, in some cases you may need various types of ingots to come up with a certain type of ore to use. Harvesting is skill based as well, but its little more random in what you will receive. Like hunting and harvesting, a successful DC roll will give you your item and a small exp gift, smelting ingots to ore also gives a exp gift.
Shrines: This is something a little unique I came up with, and is influenced from various other games but with a different twist. Shrines are generally a bonus you can run into, about half them require a certain things, such as a gem/skill level/ or feat to activate. Some shrines require nothing. Shrines that require a item will give you a small exp reward. Most shrines will bless you and your party with temporary buff. Some shrines may give you items, and some do other things which you will have to find out for your self. Shrines are completely random, and tend to be in areas less ventured.
(A final note on all of these things I just covered that use a skill DC check. They will require you to have at least 1 point in said skill to be able to select the skill to make a roll, so if you don't have at least one skill point in say survival, you can not make a survival roll.)

+Addition of tons of new item appearances have been added and will be spread threw out the module,
they are also now all available in the appearance changer, adding the following:
+15 New Bastardswords, +10 New Battle Axes, +7 New Boots
+79 New Cloaks (including many many dieties, some fur, leather and other various types as well)
+3 New Fullplate (Japanese style), +4 New Warhammers
+13 New Glove/Gauntlet appearances, +5 New Great Axes
+5 New Great Axes, +22 New Great Swords (including two great katanas)
+4 New Halberds, +3 New Half-plate (Japanese style), +5 New Warmaces
+39 New Hats/Helms (including some knight helmets, Japanese style head dresses & helmets, and more masks/hats)
+42 New Heavy Shields, +1 New Kama, +1 New Light Crossbow
+14 New Katanas (up from 1 blade variation to 15)
+27 New Light Shields, +3 New Long Bow, +24 New Longswords
+6 New Maces, +6 New Quarterstaffs, +9 New Scimitars
+5 New Rapiers, +2 New Scythes, +1 New Short Bow
+10 New Short Swords, +6 New Spears, +24 New Tower Shields

+Addition of Legends Quest (shows quest markers above quest givers head, systems allows for easier faster quest making, new quest listed below)

-Many craft materials removed from vendors.
+Added Tanning stands and smelters, these are for curing uncured leather, and smelting ore you find, both create standard crafting items. They are spread threw areas that make sense to have them.
+Woodland animals have been coming out of the forest, not always as hostile as man thinks, Animal henchmen scattered threw out the woods. (Druids and rangers may be able to get their assistance if some are found)
+New Henchman, Slaan has been transformed into Gielmops and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Daeghun has been transformed into Zumric Farlong and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Guyven of the Road has been transformed into Dorpos Lanston and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Bishop has been transformed into Gunthigis Theoderic and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Khulmar Ironfist has been transformed into Murrolir Bonebelly and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Khelgar Ironfist has been transformed into Thramnael Steelheart and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Callum has been transformed into Throtgrami Brewmaster and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Grobnar has been transformed into Ipaston Travyn and is available for hire.
+New Henchman, Neeshka has been transformed into Ariamine Invine and is available for hire.
=Henchmen -> Gold cost increased for some henchmen, only one allowed per player now, the maximum level cap to hire one is now removed as well.
=Randomly generated items will now always have at-least 1 base bonus.

+New Creatures: Goblin Worg Rider (by Qkrch - Everfire Forge)
+Added new tint maps to various placeables, doors, and armors that did not have any (Credit to Cleitanious & Heed).
+The Hidden Grove & Druid Grove now both have various animals that druids and rangers may befriend, they are based on class level of those 2 classes.
+Added Bulletin Boards to the following areas: Underdark Drow City, Underdark Brastlewark, Hidden Grove, Druid Grove, Suldansessellar, Kirgard.
+Spawning from an Inn will now charge you based on the location (no more than 300 gold).
=All animals (not summons/companions) have been split into two new factions, Prey and Predators. One being neutral and the other hostile, including to other hostile enimes like goblins.
=Testing of a new area wide clean up script.

=Expanded goblin, bugbear, random spawn tree for ness.
-Removed music box from fugue.
-Crabs have been slowed, and AC increased.

New Areas
+Underdark Caverns, this large multi area caverness area is part of the Underdark continent beneath Tethyr, home to many strange creatures and routinely patrolled by the local drow House, as it is there outer reaches of their domain.
--+Sub Areas:
+Beholder Caves, Little is know about these caves, as beholders don't like visitors.
+Drider Den, these foul creatures rarely venture out of their den, and little is known about them.
+Drow City, House yet to be decided , will be first faction to test things outs. New drow start here.

-Old Firedrake Tower, Sub area in the Firedrake plains, explore to find out what it beholds.

+Zazesspur, Garden-Market District, This main area of the city will serve as the central hub for most human activities, home to many guilds, markets, inns and noble estates.
--Sub Areas:
Temple of Wuakeen
The House of Tears, A Temple of Ilmater
The House of the Steadfast, A former temple helm (with a portion dedicated to it still) that is now used primarily as the city's courts and meeting hall.
Garden-Market Sewers, Home to those who cant be in the streets.

Current Areas
=All the areas with in the Forest of Tethyr, and the Wealdath have had their music adjusted, creeps reviewed, new ones added, transitions fixed (there is more work to be done still). These areas are now explore worthy.
=Firedrake Coastal Road Areas, Caves connected properly, giants removed from spawns, replaced with higher level gnolls
=Firedrake Cave, updated area, added connection to Firedrake Coastal Caves.
=Hidden Grove, Finished the areas appearance, added woodland wild animals, Added Raise dead scroll for sale.
=Hilltop Catacombs, slight expansion to areas.
=Zazesspur Karlagger District, Added walkable ships.
=Karlagger Disitrict Sewers, Area has had a review, been expanded, torch and fire volume reduced, has some new loot and creatures added as well.
=Karlagger Interiors, Added tanning stands to the workshop, and added smelters to the workshop and blacksmith.
=Dwarf Ruined Halls, Areas rebaked for new improved walkmesh, added a few new tiles.
=Firedrake plains, Bridge ->Added small sub area, Old Firedrake Tower, tinted bridge, added pillar to it, fixed floating tree.
=Firedrake plains, North Gate -> Area mostly finished now.
=The Trade Way Inn, Removed crafting gear from merchants, added a dancer.
=Wilderness, Starspire Foot Hills, spawns reworked, battle scene made, prepare for war.
=Zazesspur Graveyard, Mausoleums added, and new interiors added for the area, grave robbers beware.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed insects not being classified as vermin, besides a few magic ones.
-Fixed Certain Quest Chest that were locked and needed a key that did not exist.
-Fixed Certain Underdark doors being tied party transition.
-Fixed the Golden Steer Interior doors, you can now leave this Inn.
-Fixed the proper Inn Key to be sold at the Golden Steer Inn.
-Updated Deep Chasm Tile-set to fix various walk-mesh bugs.
-Updated RWS-CODI Tile-set to fix various walk-mesh bugs.
-Updated RWS-Deep Halls Tile-set to fix various walk-mesh bugs.
-Fixed Missing Sewer Set Tiles.
-Fixed missing animal companions.
-Fixed chest to be open just by clicking as opposed to right click menu.
-Hill giants have be made larger, minotaurs smaller.
-Fixed missing sound set for Quasits, facelesstalker.
-Updated Change log in OOC area. (was listing 2.4c as current, which is very old)
-Fixed EXP not being rewarded if their are to many loot bags in the area.
-Fixed problems with Red Slaad, they now show up
-Fixed missing textures for various creatures, items, and special effects (expect to see new gear in the appearance customizer)
-Fixed bridges missing in 2 areas.
-Fixed creeps not resetting in the Ancient Tomb
-Fixed Transition between Spiral Tower and Firedrake Ant Tunnels
-Addressed Numerous view points when transitioning to a new area (so your not looking at the area you just came from)
-Fixed Spelling and grammer mistakes in the Hill Top Catacombs
-Fixed numerous bugged doors with the old TRAP gui.
-Un-attackable Combat Dummies should now be attackable.
-Fixed part transition on underdark areas.

--= 2.6 -+=+- 2/6/15 =--

For DM & Builders
=Organised all the items in the module, deleted many unused ones. All items have been reclassified into categories as such "LN - Armor/Weapon/Misc/Wearable - Type of armor/weapon/misc/wearable" There is a a few exceptions for this but they are easily understandable. This should fix categories not showing up. As always please take a item that module specific over a campaign item if there is one (there is a reason its different).

+Textures that should be moving or flowing now do. (Lava, swamp planes)
+Updated textures for terrain, grass, trees, some clothing and placeables (graphic update).
+Change a few sounds, sound for critical hit changed.
+Added a new chat feature, you can click a cloud icon to show people you are typing.
+All haks have been reviewed, unneeded files removed, missing ones attempted to be replaced or fixed, new additions as well.
+Drow items have been introduced and are powerful, if brought to the surface they will disintegrate quickly, wearing them or not. (Script by Clangeddin)
+Added a few new creatures have been spread out through the lands: Mimics, Clay Golems, Giant Fire Ants (workers,warriors), Myconid (workers,zombies,guards,circle leaders,sovereigns),Great Goblin Shaman, Gnoll Adept, Aranea, Intellect Devourer, Rust Monster, Faceless Stalker, just to name a few, and many more, you'll have to explore to find out.
+Added new magic items have been added to merchants (Survival Belt, Druid Belt, Club of the Wild, Ranger's Belt, Frostreaver, Stonefire, many many more.).
+Added death messages to certain creatures (legends plug-ins).
+Addition of interactive items in some areas (Inter-act with items to find out what they do, but beware some things are not what they appear to be)
+Additional Henchmen added: Toe Stubba (Goblin Bard)
=Raise Dead Scrolls can be used by all characters, their purchase cost has gone up to reflect this change.
=Corrected Jonah the henchman's voice.
=Improved the strength of some orcs.
=Fixed a few .2da's that were overwritten by accident, added missing giant ant to apperance .2da
=Fixed spell resistance and elemental immunity for items (Thanks to Clangeddin)
=Zane, The alchemist in the Karlagger District of Zazesspur has had his convo display box updated.
=Cleaned up unused things in the module to save space.
=The new gems in the module have had new icons that are not used introduced (icons from nwn1).
=All chest and doors have been reverted to original NWN2 style unlocking and trapping.
=Fixed bug on creatures who spawned off of items such as a zombie in a fresh grave, they will now spawn and random loot will spawn as suppose to (thanks Clageddin for the help).
=Fixed Call Companion Feat, fixed Sphere of Choas (Thanks again Clangeddin)
=Fixed a invalid option on kobolds and lizardfolks, their armor will show up now.
=Fixed all Trolls, added new trolls. The problem was the trolls were dying to any damage, they now are properly knocked down and regenerate until they get up, unless if striked with fire or acid damage.
=More creatures have had a size randomizer added.

New Areas
+Golden Steer Inn, This poor farmers Inn sits outside the Castle of Kirgard. (From the vault, by Cloud_dancing, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Arcane Lab, this dangerous lab was left abandoned by its owner for some unknown reason.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+The Wealdath, also know as the Forest of Tethyr, this vast old forest contains many creatures of good and evil and one could get lost easily in its trees.
----Sub-Area:Ranger Camp, This area house a few interiors, including the Red Lion Inn, another place to buy a Inn Key.
+Kirgard, This Castle lays on the trade way between Port Kir and Mosstone. Port Kir's Nobles spend most of their time here away from the poor folk.
+Firedrake Badlands, This area follows the Trade Way North.(From the vault, by Kkalne Urwiska, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Firedrake Coast Road, these group of areas are north or Port Kir and follow the Trade Way.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Firedrake Plain's Edge, this is where the plains meet the Starspire Peninsula.
-----Sub-Area: Firedrake Plains Edge Cabin, A suspicious fortified Cabin.
+Pirate's Cavern, A secret cove, not quite like the goonies (from the vault, by Nagual_nwn, edited by lonenurgling).
+Firedrake Ant Tunnels, Search below the Firedrake Plains in the narrow tunnels carve out by giant fire ants. Beware, once one hive mind creature knows where you are, they all do **evil laughter**.
+Hidden Grove, A druid grove hidden somewhere in the Starspire Peninsula Woods. Barbarians, Druids, Rangers and Spirit Shamans Can spawn here if they wish.
-----Sub-Area:Fey Barrow, Beneath the Great Tree lays a little barrow occupied by Fey (From the vault, by Cloud_Dancing, Edited By Lonenurgling)
+Volcanic Island, Take a trip to a tropical hellish island. (from the vault, by Pharos Gryphon, edited by Lonenurgling).
-----Sub-Area:Volcanic Interior, and Lava Tubes. Explore to find out (From the vault, by Nagual_nwn, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Deep Old Mines, This set of areas is an extenstion of the Old mines, Rumor has it they dug till they hit underdark.(From the vault, by SGK73 & ChaynceyBillups1, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Underdark Passage, This area is small, but links many crucial areas together and serves and as main underground junction.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Underdark River Dock, This small passage leads to a underground river which you may take a watercraft to various points.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Underdark Magma Cavern.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Underdark Mushroom Cavern, this small cavern isn't just infested with fungi.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Underdark River Caverns, these small caverns have largely been ignored by the inhabitants of Underdark.(2 Areas From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Brastlewark, A old dwarven storage hall that has been re-purposed by deep gnomes into a small Underdark community, rumored to house the Warriors of the Nine. Dwarves, Deep Gnomes, Drow can spawn here. (From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Dwarf Ruined Halls, This expands the Dwarf ruined hall to include 3 more levels (Total of 4).
+Dwarf Crypt, An old crypt that needs to be explored.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Ruined Dwarf Temple, Part of the crypt.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Dwarf Escape Tunnel, A secret tunnel leading from the ruins to Underdark, perhaps the dwarves of this settlement used this to escape, perhaps not.(From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Zazesspur Graveyard, accessible via the Trade Gate district, this large graveyard is relatively peacefull, unless you disturb the tombs below/(From the vault, by Zarconus, edited by Lonenurgling)
-----Sub-Area:Graveyard Catacombs, this large multi-area tomb is ancient and rumored to go deep into the earth. Explore to find out (From the vault, by Alaster Wolf & NeVerSun, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Zazesspur Market Garden District, You'll find this place to be the most happening human area.
-----Sub-Area:The Market Crafters, This small warehouse is free for all to enter, for public crafting. (From the vault, by Ugly Duckling, edited by Lonenurgling)
+Starspire Marsh, The marsh has been expanded with new areas to explore, Lizard Druid was moved to one of these new areas.(From the vault, by 5thDragon & Ithrinael, edited by Lonenurgling)
-----Sub-Area:Lush Cave, a small lush cave inhabited by Troglodytes.
-----Sub-Area:Supply Stash Cave, a little hide out in the swamps. (From the vault, by SGK73, edited by Lonenurgling)
-----Sub-Area:The Unhallowed Ruins, a large cave system inhabited by some evil serpent creatures, definitely bring a party as this is a tough tough area. (From the vault, by Gremlin, edited by Lonenurgling)

Area Modifications
=Starspire Foot Hills, Removed a henchmen who shouldn't of been spawning there.
=Karlagger District, Added a few new buildings (including a Dojo), modified textures a bit, modified merchants.
=Port Kir's Barracks, Added Sergeant Cullens, he has quest available.
=Firedrake Caves, Fixed bandit spawns (warning area is significantly harder now), added connector to Ant Tunnels, Modified cult spawns and removed doors that you could walk through.
=Firedrake Plains, Added Ant Hill, adjusted spawns. Added wps for fishing.
=Firedrake Plains Bridge, Added Ant Hill, fixed more floating trees, altered terrain a bit and adjusted spawns. Added wps for fishing.
=The Archive of Denier, One of the priest has a collection quest and will buy certain books off of characters now.
=Old Mines, Fixed 2 map notes, removed double door to lower mines, connected to the Fire Ant Tunnel, adjusted monster spawns.
=Dwarf Ruined Hall, Doubled the size of this area.
=House of Istishia, Water has been added to the areas instead of "fake" water.
=Spiral Tower, Added some info pop-ups, connected to the Fire Ant Tunnels.
=Trade Gate District, Added road to lead to Zazesspur's Graveyard, modified area.

--= 2.52 -=-=- 12/10/15 =--
=Fixed Call Companion
=Updated databases for 2.6

--= 2.51 -=-=- 09/18/15 =--
=Fixed missing feats

--= 2.5 -=-=- 09/14/15 =--
+Added Little Baron's Trap, and Unlock GUIs, this should make being a rouge more interesting. All chest are now locked and perhaps trapped.
+New loot types that require a search roll, they are spread out through out the server.
+Added Kemo Storage System (untill its proven to be fully working, it is only available in the "Trade Gate District".
+Added some new background chatter to Bar patrons
+The Following Creature Models have been added; Intellect Devourer, Bebilith, Blue Slaad, Kuoa Toa, Manticore, Lion, Tiger, Purple Worm, Sahuagin, Smilodon, Strirge, Doppelganger
+Tons of New Place-able models (more buildings and such).
+Added Expanded Color Pallet for Character Creation, this works for most of the races, how ever not for every monster race. Enjoy.
+New models added to the appearance changer for the following; Warmaces, Dwarven WarAxe, Daggers, Heavy Shields, Helmets hats & Bandannas , Great Swords, Bastard Swords, Lots of new cloaks (over 40 new additions), Full Plates, Leather Armors, Studded Leather Armors, Breast Plate, Chain Shirt, Chain Mail, Padded Armor.
+Added a new level 4 cleric henchman, he is available to hire at Battles' End.
+Added a new level 8 Sorceress, she is available to hire at Port Kir.
+Added new Icons (some from neverwinter nights 1)
+Added missing sound sets from creatures from NWN1
=Updated Guide to explain call companion feat.
=Increased Difficulty of all Cult Creatures.
=Most creatures bodies will now show up instead of loot bags.

New Areas
+Firedrake Cave, a cave that runs from the Firedrake Plains to under Port Kir. -CR 8-13
+The Starspire Peninsula, The entrance is guarded by Battles' End, this place is heavily occupied with orcs coming down from Skraag.
+The Starspire Peninsula Woods, a fairly large wood, rumored to hold the Entrance of the mountain path to Skraag and secretive druid grove, but all beware a Great Wyrm makes these woods home.

Area Modifications
=Deep Caves, Adjusted water near Kobolds (should look uniform, and removed door entrance to it), added 2 locked rooms.
=Marsh Caverns, Fixed water appearing where it should not be, added 2 locked rooms.
=Trade Gate District, Altered the area slightly.
=Firedrake Plains, fixed more floating trees, alter terrain a bit.
=Archive of Deneir, Fixed double door.
=Port Kir, Added missing doors, fixed terrain issues, removed Blacksmith animations until they are fixed, removed powerful items being sold for 1 gold, minor cosmetic changes.
=Starspire Foot Hills, Removed blacksmith Animations until they are fixed.
=Karlagger Sewers, Begger is no longer exploitable.
=Krlagger District, Minor Cosmetic Changes
=Porky's Pint, Roywinkle's collection quest is no longer exploitable.
=Wilderness, Starspire Pass: Goblin Shroom turn in no longer exploitable, stream lined as well, no exp given to party but more individual exp awarded.
=Wilderness, Starspire Foot Hills: All spawns redone do to an error.
=The Spiral Sanctuary, Added some new props, adjusted layout in one location, added few new creatures to make some areas more difficult, some rooms have been locked.
=Serpenthelm's Lab, Added 2 new locked rooms (hint to these new locked door rooms is for rouges, and maybe a certain spell that some casters cast).
=Runied Temple, Updated area by adding a locked room and a little more to the cave its self, increased spawn to fill new part.
=Old Mine, locked room added, another exit created, it leads out to the Starspire Peninusla.
=Old Mines, added locked rooms, detailed area a bit more and added more loot.
=Hollow Den, added a locked rooms.
=Hill Top Catacombs, added locked rooms.
=Halls of Kelevmor, Second Level: Added a few new spawns, increased difficulty, added loot to now what are a few locked rooms.

2.4g - 08/24/15

General Changes (Red is script referenced, this is for editors)

=All Bard's friendly inspiration had their range increased to 80'.
=Loot Changes Again, the following has been removed (please let me know if you still see them appearing); Freedom Of Movement, Holy Avenger,
All Immunities, Improved Evasion, Keen, Regeneration, Unlimited Ammo, Vampiric Regeneration, Ammunition Drops, Thrown Weapon Drops, Haste,
True Seeing. (Changes made to fw_random_loot)
=Fixed Foraging (hopefully)

+Appearance Changer, New models and unused models added to the appearance editor for all to use (more to come as well, please suggest any particular models, or send your own to us to be used!).
Weapon Additions:
+7 New Bastard Swords +2 New Heavy Crossbows +12 New Quarterstaffs
+4 New Battle Axes +3 New Kamas +4 New Rapiers
+13 New Clubs +1 New Katana +4 New Scimitars
+24 New Daggers +4 New Kurkis +2 New Scythes
+2 New Dwarven War Axes +4 New Light Crossbows +4 New Shortbows
+4 New Falchions +3 New Light Hammers +17 New Shortswords
+3 New Great Axes +1 New Longbow +4 New Sickles
+8 New Great Swords +12 New Long Swords +9 New Spears
+3 New Halbreds +5 New Maces +6 New Warhammers
+20 New Hand Axes +2 New Morningstars
Clothing/Armor Additions:
+16 New Helm Choices +1 New Full Plate +3 New Breast Plate
+15 New Robes/Clothing +6 New Cloaks
Shield Additions:
+5 New Heavy Shields +3 New Light Shields +10 New Tower Shields

Area Changes

=Fixed lighting in the Spiral Sanctuary
=Fixed Bear Care transition, adjusted lighting in area
=Deep Cave, added one new light to area.

2.4f - 08/21/15

===General Changes+++---

=Level Cap raised to 40.
=Applied fix for Uncanny Dodge. (not tested)
=Added a new feat to all character: "Call Companion". This will allow you to teleport all your associates (familiars, animal companions, henchmen and summoned creatures) to you should they get stuck somewhere.
=New spell: Sphere of Chaos (From Baldur's Gate 2). Level 7 Transmutaton spell for Sorcerer, Wizards and Clerics with the Chaos Domain.

2.4e - 08/14/15

===General Changes+++---

=ECL system introduced and fixed for rebuilt. Races with ECL will be automatically awarded monster classes.
=New class: Armiger
=New class: Knight
=Class changes to Neverwinter Nine
---- High Saving throws changed to All.
---- Added Taunt and Tumble to class skills.
---- Removed Protective Aura
---- Guarding the Lord moved to level 1.
---- Added bonus feats (Any) at levels 2 and 4.
---- All-out assault no longer inflicts damage on the Neverwinter Nine.
=Party bar UI is less intrusive when there are less than 4 members in party.
=New and updated face and hair models for character creation.
=Fixed creatures spawning hostile that are suppose to spawn neutral. (there should be conversations now before arrows go flying)

===Area Changes+++---

The Spiral Sanctuary, Overhauled the whole area, new content and dangers. Enjoy

=Fixed Fallen Paladin Corpse in the Halls of Kelevmor, also decreased spawn time of creeps.
=Fixed not being able to Respawn from the Fugue Plane

2.4.1 08/13/15

=Added custom UI and look. Sidebars are redesigned to provide for clearer information.
=Fixed description errors in tot.tlk.
=Re-balanced Mortif ECL from +1 ECL to +2.

2.4d - 08/10/15

===General Changes+++---

=Fixed arrow sale and resale value. Arrows should be bought and sold at normal prices now.
=disabled Tome of Battle classes due to being broken at the moment.
=Updated class descriptions.
=Duration of Summon Creature I-IX spells set to permanent.
=Added kemo bio editor.

2.4c - 08/08/15

===General Changes+++---

=Updated starting packages, Street Thug starts with heal kits now, and naturalist start with a sickle instead of a club)
=Undead (Skeletons, Zombies and Vampires) Have had there damage reduction reduced, they may reduced again if they are still to tough.
=The Bleed out system has been changed, you now have a 25% chance to recover and stabilize (up from 10%), The heal DC on a bleeding victim has been reduced to 10 (down from 15).
=Ammo can now stack up to 9999. Kits (Healing, Thief and Trap), Gems, Scrolls stack up to 100.
=Reduced the weight of Healing and Thief kits to 0.5. Reduced the weight of crafting components to 0.1.
=Some visual changes to the rebuild tool. Will now display racial bonus as well. (Positive in green, negative in red)
=Player Scry has it's own button now in the player popup menu, in place of the exp bar.
=Palemaster Changes:
---- Requirements change: feat "Spell Focus: Necromancy" in place of "Skill Focus: Lore".
---- Pale Master now has 4 hit points per class level and low Fortitude saves.
---- Removed Light and Medium armor proficiencies.
---- Description reverted to vanilla for abilities that were not implemented at all.
---- Removed the +4 strength (via Great Strength Feats) granted at level 6.
---- Removed Bard spell progression from Palemaster.
---- Removed Animate Dead
---- Deathless Vigor moved to level 4.
---- Summon Undead moved to level 1. The types of summons have been scaled down 2 levels and Elite Vampire has been added at the top. The summon also gains level to scales up with Pale Master class level. ( 5 + PM level, up to a maximum of 15)
---- Summon Greater Undead moved to level 10. Will now summon a Lich that scales up to the Palemaster's total character levels. Palemaster with "Epic Spell Focus Necromancy" feat will summon a Demi-Lich a demilich instead.
---- Pale master's summons now have permanent duration.

===Area Changes+++---
=Karlagger District, Removed items from shop that did not belong, added hunting knives, books to certain merchants.

2.4 - 08/07/15

===General Changes+++---

+Added Clangeddin.86 re-level system, it cost gold, and goes up as you level.
+Added Trash Barrels Through out the server.
+Added Kemo Character Biography

-Removed Exp Bar, it was unstable.
=Updated Random Loot Generator (Haste, Holy Avenger, Freedom Of Movement have hopefully been removed from item properties)

===Area Changes+++---
-Velsharoon Hide Out, Fixed spawns temporally for the area.
-Marsh Caverns, Removed traps.

2.3d - 08/04/15

Due to an error with our TLK file the extra classes, races, feats, and spells will not show up with diologe, use at your own risk. Hope to have this fixed ASAP

===General Changes+++---
+Upgrade spells to display new effects and light effects as well.
+Upgraded to New Legends Plug-Ins
=Fixed Charlies Appearance Changer.
=Fixed exploit with low level quest (thanks tron)

===Area Changes+++---
-Wilderness, Starspire Foot Hills -> Removed zombie spawns at night, they were causing mass drops of items. Upped the spawn time of goblins and bugbears in area.
-Port Kir -> Fixed sign at tanners.

2.3 - 07/30/15

===General Changes+++---
+Added Hench & Mercenaries have been added to the game, the can be found inside or around the outside of Taverns
+Added GUI Level Up Bar (this is a little buggy still but it refreshes after you kill a creature, will work to fix this)
+Added Races of Faerun (Don't expect an easy time as a Monster Class how ever, let us know of any bugs)
+Added Various new monsters (Minotaurs, rust monsters, beholders, displacer beast, snakes, giant ants, scorpions, devourers, Dracoliches, etc...)
+Added some of TheStoryteller's Creatures
+Added DMFI Bulletin Board, one in Zazesspur's Docks, one in Port Kir, One in the Unknown Plane.
+Added Legends Plug-ins
+Added KEMO's Animations
+Added Blacksmith/Bartender Animations
+Added Day/Night GUI from MOTB to the bottom left of screen, it displays date and time.
+Added A random loot generator to all monsters atop of the current loot.
+Added KEMO Jut Box to all Taverns, and the Fugue Plane
+Added a chance to be re spawned by your deity on the spot, or at shrine or temple of your deity.
+Added Death Penalty of gold that starts at level 4, and increase every 4 levels.
+Added new quest and extended some.
+Added usable lights to some areas.
+ Skinning Animals now gives you experience. It's scaled on animal size, small animals only 2 EXP through very large animals at 10 EXP
+ Cooking now gives you experience based on rarity and toughness of animal to cook, 5 EXP - 45 EXP

=Updated temple priest to heal/cure players for free. The heal is free and cast restoration as well, available at Kelevmor, Tyr, Istishia Temples
=Balanced shops across the server, added hunting knives to many.
=Hacks have been redone to include tons of new weapon models, expect to see them start appearing in game and in KEMO's appearance changer.
=Fixed DMFI Emotes
=Fixed Auto-Download
=Fixed Database
=Fixed the Auction House
=Mostly all Goblins have had their HP reduced by 2, and their stats brought to correct d&d levels.
=Taverns have had their map markers changed to Green
= Skinning will no longer fade the screen to black for anyone.
= Meat will no longer stack if it is tied to a quest.
= Zazesspur Milita have had their own armor made to unify appearance.
= Some creatures have been added or modified to carry more crafting components.
= Heal kits are now given out again when choosing a new character type at the world gate
= Merfphit has had his name changed to the Nameless Creator
= The Nameless Creator now Refreshes core items, such as the Rule Book. Added a Guide book for new players.

===Area Additions+++---
-Port Kir, A large town north of Zazesspur that sits on the Sword Coast, and has a deep water port. The port is heavily used for trade, and allows trade caravans to cross the ocean.
(Karlagger Dock District, and Port Kir have opened their ports to transport, you can pay to take a ship to another port)
Sub Areas:
-The Dragon's Potions and Quill, a robust mage shop unlike any other in the area.
-The Gilded Dagger, The Gilded Dagger appears to be a ramshackle tavern on the outside, but it is actually an important meeting place for the guildmasters of Port Kir, where the guildmasters meet quietly to plan out deals and alliances among themselves without having to work with the full guilds themselves. A Inn key can be purchased here to spawn and respawn from this area.
-The Race, a smaller Tavern right on the docks edge, its know to have a tougher crowd.
-The Archive of Deneir, dedicated to Deneir, the followers seek knowledge and quest to obtain rare books and scrolls.
-Halls Of Kelemvor, A small temple with catacombs attached. The priest may be looking for help from those who wish to cleanse the undead.
-House of Istishia, This temple is also famous bath house visited by many and often used by the town's leaders.

-The Laughing Bullock, This is a small Inn mostly for merchants and caravan leaders to meet, it sits outside the Trade Gates of Zazesspur in the Trade Gate District. A Inn key can be purchased here to spawn and respawn from this area.
-Serpenthelm's lab, A very low level area that has been added to the Karlagger Sewers
-Ancient Tomb, A low level area that has been added to the Karlagger Sewers

===Area Changes+++---

-Fire Drake Plains, Fixed Floating Trees.

-Fugue Plane, Npc in the Fugue Plane has been replaced with Kelemvor himself, added benches to the area, adjusted lighting.

The Starspire Marsh, Adjusted fog, terrain, creep spawns.
Sub Areas:
+Wandastine Swamp Hovel, Home to a mean witch, visitors beware.
=Starspire Caverns, Added a lizard druid for a quest.

Zazesspur's Trade Gate District, Added 2 Henchmen outside the Laughing Bullock, the Captain by the Gate now has a second part to his quest.
Sub Areas:
+The Laughing Bullock, A tavern added to the area.

Velsharoon Hide Out, adjusted the area, lowered the difficulty (still the hardest area in the Karlagger Sewers).

1.3c - 08/15/12

===General Changes+++---

Added Random creature size to some of the creatures (thanks toBartjeD)
Added new loot. (Potions, weapon racks, pile of gold, etc...)
Added random traps to alot of areas, adventures beware.
Added CR (challenge rating) to some map notes
Added creature Taunts
Cooked meat can now be sold, and or used to heal.
Modified some areas so creatures follow you through them while fleeing. (ArPharazon, angry monster transition)

===Area Additions+++---

Doughbaker Hovel, Doughbaker Loft: Areas pertaining to a new quest.
The Spiral Sanctuary: A abandoned mage sanctuary now turned dungeon. New area for levels 6-10.

===Area Changes+++---

-Dank Cave Increased difficulty mob spawns. Added more loot and adjusted layout.
Karlagger District: Added Map Note for the Doughbakers hovel.
Sub Areas:
-Shadow Thieves Guild, Redid spawns and adjusted loot.
Fire Drake Plains:
Sub Areas:
-Spiral Tower Increased difficulty and added some different mob types. Added more loot and adjusted layout.
Starspire Mountains: Removed some grass.
Trade Gate District: Fixed Texture glitch
Trade Way Inn: Adjusted lighting. The oven in the Inn can be used to cook meat. Added a Amnish merchant as well.
Wilderness Outskirts: Fixed Texture glitch

September 28, 2012, 03:09:45 AM 1.3b


===General Changes+++---

Added Chest, barrels, crates as loot.
Added new creatures.

===Area Additions+++---

Marsh Caverns:A small cavern and ruin system that lays within the Starspire Marsh.

Ruined Temple: The cellar to the ruined temple in the Starspire Mountains.

===Area Changes+++---

Fire Drake Plains:
Sub Areas:
-Spiral Tower Increased difficulty and added some different mob types.

Hill Top Catacombs: Fixed Hero respawn.

Karlagger District: Added Map Note for Porky's Pint and the Workshop, renamed blacksmith to Ironhand Blacksmith.
Sub Areas:
-Karlagger Interiors, Porky's Pint can be used as a spawn point for Halflings, Gnomes and Dwarves. A gnome who goes by Roywinkle will now off "The Collector" Quest. Added a workshop with a merchant, crafting can be done here (all kinds).

Trade Way Inn: The Blood shot crew will attack now, if attacked out of convo.

March 30, 2012, 02:48:04 AM 1.3

===General Changes+++---
Added Charlies item appearance changer.
Added KaedPRCPack, which adds extra classes and spell changes.
Added HCR hunting and cooking.
Added functioning sundials.
Added Journal Entries for quest. (not gathering ones)
Added Wyrin's Foraging system.

Introduced starting packages.
Introduced re-spawn locations based off of Inn keys you have purchased.

Changed most spawns to be level based as opposed to random.
Changed patrolling guards to spawn off a random table as opposed to being picked.

===Area Additions+++---

Fire Drake Plains: A fairly flat, wooded area that the trade way runs through. Although fairly peaceful from exotic monsters, it has been home to many highway robbers and bandits. It has been known to see occasional gnoll or military action to.
Sub Areas:
-Abandoned estate, which is abandoned.
-Spiral Tower, which is occupied by outlaws.

Starspire Mountains: The area is a rocky low mountain range with various foul inhabitants. One not so foul inhabitant is rumored to be a small dwarf clan still held up mining somewhere deep in the mountain range, although so far only ruins of dwarf clans from past seam to turn up.

===Area Changes+++---

Hill Top Catacombs: Completely redid spawns in the catacombs. Modified the layout slightly. Added a enemy npc for a quest. Added some additional Loot.

Hollow Den, Cave, Dank Cave, Deep Cave, Bear Cave: Reviewed spawns and brought them in line. Added loot to the areas.

Karlagger District: Added more lights and props to the district. Added a Tailor, who changes clothing appearance (the blacksmith can to, or use your menu). Added Zane, a Alchemist. Fixed walkmesh bug.
Sub Areas:
-Karlagger Interiors, Added a Halfing eatery. It houses a few a gnomes as well (who have a shop and quest).
-Karlagger Sewers, Change rat meat to rodent meat to match new hunting system. Reviewed and edit spawns. Added additional tunnel and more loot. Fixed tile bug.

Starspire Marsh: Edits to swamp textures, added more trees, filled in back drop. Added ruinous cave entrance.

Trade Gate District: Added Eligard, a ranger who has hunting quest, teaches you about skinning and has a small shop. Added a sundial with module time. Fixed texture error. Added some skinable animals to the area (and others).

Trade Way Inn: Added a Champions Vigilant representative who has a quest. Added a encounter to one of the rooms in the second floor, Blood Shot Crew. Zorg now sells a Inn Key, which you can use as a spawn point.

Unknown Plane: Added the world gate which uses new re-spawn locations based off of Inn keys you collect (default spawn is the Karlagger District). New characters now need to talk to the Mephit to choose a starting package. Then receive a rule-book and player scry to advance into the PW.

Wilderness Outskirts:Reviewed spawns. Area should be more beginner friendly. Added torches to the bridge. Refitted animals for skinning.

Wilderness Starspire Pass:Reviewed spawns. Added lights around the Trade Way Inn, moved militia guards around. Changed faction of non-militia to neutral. Removed spider spawns. Refitted and added animals for skinning (updated campfire to cook animal meat).

Wilderness Valley: Reviewed spawns, Removed spiders.

March 15, 2012, 02:43:57 AM

+Added New Creatures (kobolds, lizardfolk, various animals and more go look!)
+Added Starspire Marsh (area)
+Added Velsharoon Hide Out (very hard area)
+Added 3 Goblin Heros to the burrow, One of the three spawns on occasion and drops a magic item.
+Added 3 Undead Heros to the Hill Top Crypt, One of the three spawns on occasion and drops a magic item.
+Added 3 Street Vendors and map notes to find them in Karlagger District
+Quest, deliver package from docks to the trade way inn
+Quest, help the begger in the sewers
+Quest, Kill Rocknar the Giant
+Raised Hp of Skeletons
+Torches/Lights added to Karlagger and Trade Gate District thanks to Lord of Torment

-Reduce HP of Goblins, Bugbears, Bats, Grizzly Bears, and Fire Beetles
-Reduced HP of Zombies

=Rebalanced creature properties to bring them in line with their CR
=Rebalanced EXP for smooth early level gain.
=Adjustments to alot of textures, thanks to Lord of Torment
=Adjusted shadow intensity on all light for increased performance.
=Adjusted Sewers, Adds Entrance to Velsharoon Hide Out
=Adjustments to Shadow Thieves Hide Out, the Dock District.
=Adjustments to hilltop cemetery, replaced some doors to block sight. Cultist will not rush out of his room to meet you.
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Re: Change Log

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Fixed new user registration.

9/17/2015 Forum Updated.

Improved Security (see yeah spammers)
Added a few new features.
Merged the two bug report topics.
Created new forum for contribution of content.
Moved wish to to said new forum.
Added new gallery avatars.
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Re: Change Log -> Currently on 2.6

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Updated to show 2.6 changelog.
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Re: Change Log -> Currently on 2.62

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Re: Change Log -> Currently on 2.63 10/19/16

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Updated for 2.63 on 10/19/16 View top post for changelog.

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