2.62 Harvest Skills Improvements Preview

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2.62 Harvest Skills Improvements Preview

Postby LoneNurgling » Wed May 04, 2016 12:07 pm

Hello friends, the following are changes for the server coming up in our next update, this is just a preview of a little bit we wanted to share, as its something signifacant and some people may have input on it. Feel free to ask any questions on this thread.

+Overhaul of harvesting/hunting skills.
Hunting: skinning a corpse now harvests uncured leather hides of 4 sizes, they can be cured at tanning booths found in crafting areas and near tanners. Tanners will also turn the uncured hides into cured leather hides for you if you don't not have the appropriate craft armor skill level, but they will charge you (and you loose out on a small exp bonus for doing it your self). In addition uncured leather hide drops, skinned creatures will also drop their distillable items, which can be used for base crafting from the the original campaigns. There is also new distillables which you will have to figure out how to use your self.

Harvesting: Originally this was confined to plants, and it would use one skill to make you a item based off the plant, eventually it was broken on a update. I've replaced this whole system with i thought to be a more in-depth process. If you come across a plant (or tree), you will now use one of three skills of your choice to attempt to harvest something from the plant. The skills tend tend to be survival, craft alchemy, lore (DC vary for each skill depending on what your harvesting). Although those 3 skills can vary, and feats can influences the DC rolls of a successful harvest as well. For instance, harvesting nightshade uses the 3 skills i mentioned, how ever if you fail the DC you will have to make a save against being poisoned since it is a poisonous plant you are trying to harvest (if you have the use poison feat, you can use it in conjunction with your skill, and it will lower the DC to harvest the material, and void you from being poisoned period). Successful harvest will give you a corresponding crafting component or item, and a small exp gift.

Mining stone, metal ingots, and gems: This functions in a very similar way to harvesting plants except the skills bases are craft weapon/armor (not combined), lore, survival. The DC for lore and survival will be significantly higher. After harvesting ingots you will bring them to a foundry in a similar manner in bringing hides to a tanner, besides that fact your turning the ingots into ore which can be used for crafting, in some cases you may need various types of ingots to come up with a certain type of ore to use. Harvesting is skill based as well, but its little more random in what you will receive. Like hunting and harvesting, a successful DC roll will give you your item and a small exp gift, smelting ingots to ore also gives a exp gift.

Shrines: This is something a little unique I came up with, and is influenced from various other games but with a different twist. Shrines are generally a bonus you can run into, about half them require a certain things, such as a gem/skill level/ or feat to activate. Some shrines require nothing. Shrines that require a item will give you a small exp reward. Most shrines will bless you and your party with temporary buff. Some shrines may give you items, and some do other things which you will have to find out for your self. Shrines are completely random, and tend to be in areas less ventured.

(A final note on all of these things I just covered that use a skill DC check. They will require you to have at least 1 point in said skill to be able to select the skill to make a roll, so if you don't have at least one skill point in say survival, you can not make a survival roll.)

This will be updated once I finish modified once i finish another subject, fishing!
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Re: 2.62 Harvest Skills Improvements Preview

Postby Tandamar » Wed May 04, 2016 12:42 pm

I like it
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Re: 2.62 Harvest Skills Improvements Preview

Postby Corruption » Wed May 04, 2016 10:21 pm

Awesome job man! Let me know when its ready!

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