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2.70 Change Log, short but new 11/28.17

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:57 pm
by LoneNurgling
--= 2.70 -+=+- 11/28/17=--
Server End
-Added support for many more DM commands
-Added back-end server support for more databases and back end client stability.

Known Issues:
-Certain races can not be raised by scrolls, script needs update.
-Certain items fail to change appearance, reason unknown.
-Some Textures and models are missing in action.

-Feat added to all players that allows them to recall to the OOC starting area, this is to use before logging out or if you are in a area that transition does not function yet. (its currently should as a invalid stref and may show as a bard ability, only accessible through the character feat menu, can be dragged to the ability bar as well). -Thanks to Clang.
-Added new monster types
-Refurbished existing monsters to be hunt-able as well. (not all yet, but everything that is not wearing armor or clothing will be hunt-able soon)
-Hunting knife exist, but any Dagger type weapon can now be used for skinning & hunting creatures.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed majority of missing textures and models
-Fixed refrenced IDs for animal companions and wizard/sorcerer familiars from 2.64
-Fixed Long pause for clients connecting due to slow script optimization

Re: 2.70 Change Log, short but new 11/28.17

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:59 pm
by LoneNurgling
You can download the HAKs required for the module via the link below (it will be much much faster than the auto DL from connecting directly): ... znD-e_Xt3A