About this Forum ((ooc))

Feel free to post your ideas, or any content you feel like sharing with us here. Feel free to add some quest you wrote, or some lair or house for your character. We hope to encourage people help us build this world.

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About this Forum ((ooc))

Postby LoneNurgling » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:05 pm

This forum was started as a way to expand the server and include our players more interactively.

If you feel like having a house, or guild, or some sort of area for your character, feel free to discuss it here, if you can make the area your self, great if not we can assist. (please talk to us first, so we can discussion location and size).

If you have some ideas for quest you want to add in to our module, feel free to post them here. (Adding or using existing npcs/content is cool, adding your own is cool to, feel free to write and make new npcs!)

I moved the wishlist thread here.

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