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Some Bugfixes (for singleplayer)

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:46 am
by Clangeddin

VAULT: ... dins-fixes

This mod will fix the following bugs:
1) Spell Resistance from items firing only the first time.
2) Damage immunities from items turning into a vulnerability if it surpasses 100%.
3) Improved Uncanny Dodge not working (takes a change in equipment to trigger the first time).

Extract the contents in MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights 2\
Also included an .erf for importing to your modules for multiplay or persistent worlds.

1) The fix to Improved Uncanny Dodge is also a buff to the feat. It will now grant a full Sneak Attack immunity no matter the level. I figured out that it's fairer to give something stronger than intended than something that does not work at all. In my opinion this also contributes to make certain classes that I personally deem as underpowered (Dwarven Defender, Shadow Dancer) to fare a bit better.

2) This mod will not work in modules that have different "OnEquip" script in their properties. If you are using scripts different than "x2_mod_def_equ" and "x2_mod_def_unequ" then you will need to add this line of code to your custom OnEquip script, right under the void main():

object oItem = GetPCItemLastEquipped();
´╗┐object oPC = GetPCItemLastEquippedBy();
´╗┐ExecuteScript ("clangeddin_custom_equip", oPC);

The analogue has to be done for any OnUnequip custom script.

3) The damage immunity fix will only trigger if the sum of your immunities minus your vulnerability are higher than 99%, granting a 9999 damage resistance in that element. This means that if you have two items that grants 75% immunity and one item that grants a 100% vulnerability, the fix will not trigger.

This mod will not work with any other mod that modify the "x2_mod_def_equ" and "x2_mod_def_unequ" scripts.

Re: Some Bugfixes (for singleplayer)

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:51 am
by Solomon
The links appear to be broken.

Re: Some Bugfixes (for singleplayer)

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 11:38 am
by Clangeddin
Solomon wrote:The links appear to be broken.

Should be fixed now, thanks.
I think the problem was that when I edited the post, the links broke.