ECL system (Races)

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ECL system (Races)

Postby Clangeddin » Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:22 pm

Tales of Tethyr uses a modified ECL system that is a bit different from the standard ECL system, this was also done in an attempt to balance out the monster races.
Characters with ECL of 1 or higher automatically gain monster class levels (according to their race) as soon as they are created or whenever they rebuilt.

What are the "pros" for a ECL race then?

- They are usually more powerful than standard races of course
- They start out at a higher level, with higher HP, AB and saves, according to their ECL. For example, a Drow will start out at level 3 with 2 levels of Humanoid Class.

What are the "cons"?

- Monster classes are very weak and generally have no benefits at all compared to normal classes, you also don't gain any feats during those levels.
- Monster classes count for XP multiclass penalty.
- ECL characters are effectively limited in their max class combo, as they can only choose 3 classes opposed to the max of 4 classes that characters with 0 ECL can choose.
- ECL characters have a higher minimum rebuild cost (since they start at a higher level than 1, they can never have a truly free rebuild, even if the cost is still low at those levels.)
- Characters with a ECL of 3 or higher do not get to choose where to assign their first ability score increase, it will be assigned automatically depending on your class package.

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