Geography of the land.

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Geography of the land.

Postby LoneNurgling » Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:11 pm

This thread is to give you some insight into the background and layout of the lands you'll encounter in Tethyr.
This maps is not of our copy right, and is just used as a reference.
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Geography of Tethyr

The Forest of Tethyr, or The Wealdath.
This ancient forest lays just north of the Starspire Moutains, and is shared by Amn as well. Trees here are very old and many have grown to unthinkable sizes, of course this probably has to do with it's local inhabitants. The elven tribes Elmanesse and Suldusk reside here, protecting the forest from outside meddlers. Sadly these tribes have little trust in outsiders, especially humans for their wood lust. A cell of Eldreth Veluuthra operate in each of the tribes, only worsening tensions. Other creatures such as Fey and dryads call this place home, as do fowl wyverns and even dragons.

The Starspire Mountains
This Trade Way runs threw this jagged low height mountain chain. The Trade Way Inn can be found in the middle of the pass, and is often a popular stop for merchants. To the far east of the chain lays Mount Thargill, a inactive volcano. Besides rampaging ogres, orcs and other fowl creatures there is a lone Dwarf Clan that resides in these treacherous hills. The chain also separates the arid weather in Tethyr, shielding the Wealdath and Amn.

The Sulduskoon River
Zazesspur lays on mouth of the Sulduskoon River, where it empties in the Sea of Swords. The river is used as a deep water port for the city making it a trading power house. They say once you get on the Sulduskoon you can travel to anywhere in the world, of course only if it's accessible by ship.

Human Cities of Tethyr (listed are only ones in the module)

Zazezzpur - Estimated population: 117,000
The former capital of Tethyr, this huge port city sits along the Sword Coast and is split in two by the river Sulduskoon. Majority of the population is human, pushing close to 70%. The other 30% consist mainly of halflings, gnomes, and half-elves. There is other races amongst the population but their numbers are to few to count.

Port Kir - Estimated population: 3,700 (include the inhabitants of the surrounding land to)
A mid-sized port town, where it's simple residents make a simple life farming, fishing, and trading.


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